My editors a slave driver


my editors a slave driver


Under threat of no more hot cocoa, i’m obligated to say that my editor is not a slave driver, and I am, in fact, a lazy donkey.

(In all seriousness she’s a rlly sweet person pls do not think badly of her shes just doing her job)



Branching out

This week, I will be skipping my ‘Unwrapped’ post in favor of some important updates. As a few of you may have noticed if you checked Bayberry studio in the last three days is there have been some changes to the site.

To fill my site with content in these busy days, I have added two new artists/writers . It will still be Bayberry Studio but now we are a team rather then a me.

This means more posts, and more varied work.

Meet my team:


Jelly does a lot comics, art, and the occasional animation.  Her work is funny and cartoonish much like the artist herself. She will be posting every Sunday with her  comic ‘Bugging out’ and also chipping in on other posts throughout the week.


R’nea also works on comics but rather then the fictional nature of jelly’s work, R’nea will be doing a mostly non-fiction everyday comic that will be posted every Thursday. About the funny and relatable ups and downs of being an anxiety riddled 20-something trying to make her way in the world.


And me, as you know I do Unwrapped Wednesday on, well, Wednesdays. But I will also be working with R’nea and Jelly on collaborating posts for Saturdays.

There have also been some changes to our Patreon, new goals, and new rewards, and you should go check that out.

But also, if you already support us, or are interested in doing so. Here is some information you may want to know about who you are supporting:

We are a group of three women about to hit our twenty’s, all three of us plan to get a place together to work on our projects for this website, sometimes our posts will be late and I apologize for that, but we are working in the ‘real world’ too to make our group of three sustainable. But regardless we really want to keep this site alive and full of content, we may not have a lot of followers, but we love what we do regardless and plan to keep doing it.

mindie patreon 1.png

Tire Swings

Freedom and frustration 6Someone mentioned to me a few weeks ago about art therapy, and in giving it a go I drew this. When I was a kid, my family went through some hard times and our house was being foreclosed on and we didn’t know where we would end up next. A house? A apartment? Homeless? And so, during that time my sanctuary was out on the tire swing. I would often swing out there for hours and after dark and it created a both horrible and wonderful feeling. Every time my foot kicked off from that tree there was a wonderful rush of getting out my frustration but also kicking out into the dark unknown. It let me put my feelings of fear and frustration into the real world and deal with them.

This wasn’t the first time in my life that there had been something big and scary. But its the first time I am old enough to understand it. Its the clear marking between my point of childlike innocence and the point where I start to realize just how scary the world truly is. And I found this tire-swing exceedingly comforting.

That tire swing and three tree it swung from was ripped out the year we sold the house and has been replaced by an empty yard. Probably for the best since the roots made a lot of the sidewalk structurally unsound but every time I find myself driving by it and think about that tire swing, it feels a bit like a spot where you recently lost a tooth. Missing something, wrong, haven’t experienced in nine years.
Now, as an adult. I’m in a similar place. I have to move back in with my parents due to complicated financial problems not worth getting into. And its easy to feel a bit like that little kid. I don’t know where I am going to end up or whats going to put me there. I’m starting to feel the shrink of my safety net as its really time for me to be out on my own.   And it makes me really miss that tire swing in that little backyard when my biggest problems where the things my parents had to deal with.