Unwrapped Wednesday: Red Hots

borderbayI finally return for my Unwrapped Wednesday posts after a long hiatus, a lot has happened in these last three weeks, but most noteworthy of all is that our little group will be adding another member in these coming weeks. But while we wait for that, Unwrapped, Right as Rain, and Bugging Out will all be returning to their weekly schedules.

I have always hated cinnamon candy, even as a kid when I couldn’t even eat the stuff I hated it. I hated the smell, and I hated that often old ladies who pinched my cheeks growing up always had them on their breath. I actually remember wondering once if they ate them to scare off the grim reaper since they reeked so bad. My morbid personality as a child aside. Ew.


Unwrapped Wednesday: Skittles

borderbayThis week I tried Skittles, and needless to say, I was surprised.

The deep misunderstanding of ‘purple’ meaning ‘grape’ aside. I have never liked much fruit candy. My entire life I had been somehow under the impression that M&Ms and Skittles were interchangeable? I have been dearly mislead. I liked them okay but I don’t think I will ever again buy a pack. Maybe because they are fruit, but more likely because when I popped that first Skittle in my mouth I thought I was getting a M&M.

I was not.

Like this video? Want to support its makers? Check out our Patreon down bellow! When we reach our first goal ($25 a month) I’ll post a time lapse of me eating an entire Carnival Pop in one sitting.

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Doodle Day: Superheros

bordermindiedragon girl.png

R’nea: Dragon Girl is inspired by the stuffed dragon plush I was sitting next to when I drew her. Her powers include superstrength for her size, fire breathing, and she has hidden talons for melee on her hands.


Jelly: there was a keyboard on my desk. She calls herself Haxxx and her hero staus is questionable. shes hacks things?


Bay: Her name is ‘Victory roll’. Inspired by the 50’s pin up art hung in my work space.

Don’t look her in the eye when she blows you a kiss if you want to win.

Branching out

This week, I will be skipping my ‘Unwrapped’ post in favor of some important updates. As a few of you may have noticed if you checked Bayberry studio in the last three days is there have been some changes to the site.

To fill my site with content in these busy days, I have added two new artists/writers . It will still be Bayberry Studio but now we are a team rather then a me.

This means more posts, and more varied work.

Meet my team:


Jelly does a lot comics, art, and the occasional animation.  Her work is funny and cartoonish much like the artist herself. She will be posting every Sunday with her  comic ‘Bugging out’ and also chipping in on other posts throughout the week.


R’nea also works on comics but rather then the fictional nature of jelly’s work, R’nea will be doing a mostly non-fiction everyday comic that will be posted every Thursday. About the funny and relatable ups and downs of being an anxiety riddled 20-something trying to make her way in the world.


And me, as you know I do Unwrapped Wednesday on, well, Wednesdays. But I will also be working with R’nea and Jelly on collaborating posts for Saturdays.

There have also been some changes to our Patreon, new goals, and new rewards, and you should go check that out.

But also, if you already support us, or are interested in doing so. Here is some information you may want to know about who you are supporting:

We are a group of three women about to hit our twenty’s, all three of us plan to get a place together to work on our projects for this website, sometimes our posts will be late and I apologize for that, but we are working in the ‘real world’ too to make our group of three sustainable. But regardless we really want to keep this site alive and full of content, we may not have a lot of followers, but we love what we do regardless and plan to keep doing it.

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Unwrapped Wednesday: Twinkies

borderbayTwinkies where always one of those things I saw everywhere and figured where mostly, novelty? I never saw someone actually eating one except in media so I honestly was expecting them to be gross.

To be honest, while I enjoyed eating them okay and I did give them a thumbs up. About a half an hour later I regretted my verdict. Not because of the obligatory stomach ache from the amount of sugar I eat during recording. But because they where unmemorable and bland? I would have been much better with donuts,different toppings, fillings, and flavors. Rather then the plain vanilla sugar log that was Twinkies.