Unwrapped Wednesday: Skittles

borderbayThis week I tried Skittles, and needless to say, I was surprised.

The deep misunderstanding of ‘purple’ meaning ‘grape’ aside. I have never liked much fruit candy. My entire life I had been somehow under the impression that M&Ms and Skittles were interchangeable? I have been dearly mislead. I liked them okay but I don’t think I will ever again buy a pack. Maybe because they are fruit, but more likely because when I popped that first Skittle in my mouth I thought I was getting a M&M.

I was not.

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Doodle Day: Superheros

bordermindiedragon girl.png

R’nea: Dragon Girl is inspired by the stuffed dragon plush I was sitting next to when I drew her. Her powers include superstrength for her size, fire breathing, and she has hidden talons for melee on her hands.


Jelly: there was a keyboard on my desk. She calls herself Haxxx and her hero staus is questionable. shes hacks things?


Bay: Her name is ‘Victory roll’. Inspired by the 50’s pin up art hung in my work space.

Don’t look her in the eye when she blows you a kiss if you want to win.