Hi there, I’m Bay, and I harachel-107ve written a lot of ‘about pages’ over my life, like, a lot. Some were for formal use, some for personal, some a comfortable mix of both. I have had four different Tumblr accounts  with almost a dozen blogs between them. I have had three DeviantArt accounts and countless Instagram’s.

But none of them sat quite right and I always abandoned them in favor of creating a better platform for my creative work.

But jumping from platform to platform you lose a lot of your audience in the switch. There are the people who missed the memo, the people who just don’t care enough to switch, and the people who hate your new choice of social media.

So, this is my platform, BayBerry Studio. Where I hope to build an audience instead of a page. But in all that switching I never learned what people like seeing in my work; do people enjoy my comics, or are you hoping to see more of my fantasy art, or maybe you really like my gaming reviews. But whatever it is, I want to know. Comment on my work, send me an email, talk to me. Let me know what you want to see more of, tell me about a game you want me to play and review. Because I create content for you.

As for the ‘about page’ stuff, I’m Bay, I’m getting married next year to a wonderful woman who is a fellow artist, I live in Texas but was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Both of my parents were artists and writers, and I followed suit. I started learning to draw when I was 13 and it’s been a long uphill battle to where I am today. And now, I’m happy to share my work with you, and communicate with a building audience.