Bugging out: Pilot #1

hhhhhbnnnnnnSince my move, I have been unable to fill my Sunday post days since, well. I don’t have a computer to be gaming on, and without games, I can’t write game reviews.

So to full my Sunday time space I have begun working on this comic project with another creator I know, ‘Jelly’.

[Panel 1]
[Beetle] -And I think there’s a pretty good chance of her liking me back, but like,
[Panel 2]
[Beetle] What if me liking her so much is messing with my gaydar?
[Panel 3]
[Beetle] I mean i really treasure our friendship and don’t want to make her uncomfortable by fessing up if she doesn’t feel the same.
[Beetle] But what if i’m right and she likes me too? Then i’m missing out and it might even end up awkward anyways.
[Panel 4]
[Villain] Do you always have these heart-to-hearts with your villains?
[Beetle] It’s cheaper than tharapy
[Beetle] So, you gonna answer or what?
This superhero comic staring Mabel a socially awkward high school student gone superhero under the alias ‘Beetle’, will be going up every Sunday for the foreseeable future.

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