Unwrapped Wenesday: Cowtails

borderbayYesterday morning I sat down at my computer all ready to edit this weeks Unwrapped: Cowtails.

Only to find that somehow in all the recording and editing of other files it got misplaced. Now, I could have just recorded it again, but that would have taken away from the fresh response and made it feel scripted. So I took the only (unnecessarily work intensive) alternative. I made a comic about a video.

So I hope you enjoy what will hopefully be a one time glimpse into my comic making skills:

*Insert adorable intro with beep-boob music here*


Hey guys its Bay, and this week i’ll be trying, Cowtails!

(Yes, this is completely true to the original, and, yes, it did make a sound effect.)

These where always strange to me, I saw my younger sister eat Cowtails on more than one occasion and I never understood the appeal? Why would you eat something named after and having the appearance of something connected to a cows butt? Plus I don’t love caramel so I really don’t get why would buy these?




I would elaborate on how amazing these are but I have to go to the store a buy a whole bag, see you guys next week when I hopefully go back to video form and get my act together.



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