Widowmaker Wednesday

borderbaySo I am going to depart this week from my normal Wednesday post.  I seem to have contracted a form of stomach bug. So I don’t have the energy to spend the upwards of three hours of editing I would usually do for Unwrapped.

So rather than provide a bad video with half assed editing I didn’t want to make and you didn’t want to see, I will be sharing the Overwatch fan-art I did this week. I have been loathed to draw since my move,  a symptom I often contract after a big change. I hate to do my work in an unfamiliar environment so it takes me awhile to get back into the swing of things.

Widowmaker is one of my favorite Overwatch characters, her complicated story aside I love the idea of a ballerina using her previous skill in dance for a current skill with fighting, whether its Black Widow applying it to martial arts or Widowmaker applying it to sniping.

However I do find it odd that both of them share a theme of the black widow spider, ballet, and brainwashing.


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