Unwrapped Wednesday: Pixie Sticks

borderbayOddly enough, Pixie Sticks where never very high on my list of candies to try. I had poor memory’s of kids on the playground daring each other to snort them and being glad I had an excuse not to give into the taunting. Why would anyone put sugar voluntarily up their nose?  It sounded painful and uncomfortable and kind of stupid. I can’t even recall if any of the kids actually did it, or if everyone had chickened out and just eaten them but I never really wanted them very badly after that day.


Now of course I have an even better reason to be uninterested. Those are disgusting. A month or two ago my sister decided to eat a packet of Koolaid right from the little package, and this is what I pictured it tasted like. Then again, I don’t like strong sour flavors at the best of times.  Why would I work so hard to open up that impossible little sleeve when there is no reward?


2 thoughts on “Unwrapped Wednesday: Pixie Sticks

  1. Oddly enough, I really liked Pixie Stix as a kid. I haven’t had one in years though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t enjoy them anymore.


  2. I’ve… never known anyone who didn’t just rip off the end of the straw. (And then rip the straw in half when the powder gets low enough.) Your way seems like so much work… 😦
    Sorry you didn’t like Pixie Stix. SweeTarts are basically the same thing, in solid form. In case you would prefer to avoid them…


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