Unwrapped Wednesday: Peeps

borderbaySome of the cooler people in the world may have noticed I didn’t make a post this last Sunday. I just finished my move to Pennsylvania from Texas. So, I spent my Sunday recovering from a 48 hour bus ride and the following days integrating into my new studio for Unwrapped Wednesday!  So I am very proud to post my very first full video. This week: Trying peeps.

I owe a huge thank you to everyone who has been giving me candy to try over the past couple of weeks. I had no idea there where so many different kinds of candy in the world!


3 thoughts on “Unwrapped Wednesday: Peeps

  1. I miss your derpy face. And I miss you eating completely normal stuff with wonder. And I miss you asking, “Hey. What’s a Juicy Pop?” in the grocery checkout while ten people stare incredulously.

    But also, you’re weird. Peeps are not goodish. They are gross. The only appropriate use for Peeps is microwave Peeps jousting.


    1. Agreed on Peeps grossness.
      It is interesting Bay had a positive reaction to them, I would have thought the negative reaction would be even more extreme for someone not used to candy.
      And yup. Lots of candy in the world. I’ve been eating candy my whole life and still my first reaction to the video was “What? Peeps come in that color and shape?”


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