Unwrapped Wednesday: Pop Rocks



This week, I pull Pop Rocks out of my candy box. Which is awesome because this is another candy I have been looking at lovingly for over a decade. The weird popping noises my childhood peers would taunt me with this haunting me to this day.

If you have missed why I haven’t ever tried pop-rocks, or anything else in my box of candy, I suggest you go back and read this post first.



I am a little bit afraid. What if they don’t live up to my expectations? What if this is a world-wide practical joke and they explode in your mouth?


Nevermind I got this man.


Wait this is weird. I’m not sure if I like this.


I understand.


All in all, Pop Rocks are really weird. and hard to find. Kind of a let down after all these years, but you can’t win ’em all.


2 thoughts on “Unwrapped Wednesday: Pop Rocks

  1. My friends and I actually never had Pop Rocks, as far as I can remember. Given the amount of candy types in existence, though, I suppose it is understandable that we missed some.


  2. I’ve never seen chocolate pop rocks; they’re always some sort of fruit flavor, usually strawberry or watermelon. Not sure I’d like chocolate, but I can’t imagine flavors anyway so who knows?

    You have some really old school candy in your box, the type of stuff my mom (who grew up in the 50s and 60s) is always excited to find and make my brother and I try. I have a soft spot for the Candy Buttons and the Nik-L-Nips, the latter of which you eat by biting off the top, drinking the syrup, and then you can chew on the wax bottle. Not sure why chewing the wax is a thing, but it is.


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