Unwrapped Wednesday: Twizzlers

borderbaySo last week I had the extraordinarily sorrowful misfortune of deciding it would be fun to try out all of the candy I missed out on during my allergy riddled childhood.

All of the brightly colored candies that had taunted me as a youth, now available at my very fingertips. This sounded incredible…until the moment I popped a warhead into my mouth. Its a week later and I can still taste it. So this week i’m hoping my choice in candy is a little kinder.


Twizzlers! Now, this one isn’t entirely true to form because I was given one of these once as a child. However, I was two, and have no recollection of it. Seeing as it was going to be my last one for the next seventeen years you would think I would remember such a momentous event. Curse you two year old me.


I am so excited right now. This is the candy I have waited for.


I don’t know what it tastes like yet but this is super fun.


Wait, how do you actually eat this?




I will suck your delicious cherry flavored blood. Bluh Bluh.


Candy AND toy. I love Twizzlers.



8 thoughts on “Unwrapped Wednesday: Twizzlers

  1. Personally, I’m not that partial to Twizzlers. Any candy that had a tougher-than-chocolate consistency wasn’t my preference. My friends loved them, though.


  2. My go-to candy for perfect flavor, texture, and quality are Sunkist Fruit Gems. They can be kinda hard to find though (unless you buy them online) so often I have to settle for Peach Rings.


  3. Twizzlers are great, but don’t joke about those fights to the death- I have a scar on my arm from high school, where a little Russian girl bit me trying to get the twizzler I teased her with.

    I really love Mike and Ikes, too. Sadly, Good & Plenty is getting hard to find but I particularly like those.


  4. …Oh, and it is a shame that you discovered the love of lime now that Skittles just replaced the lime skittles in their ‘original’ flavor with a horrible green apple that doesn’t go with all the other flavors.


      1. They changed it recently enough. And even if green apple wasn’t bad, it absolutely doesn’t go with the other skittle flavors. And it definitely isn’t an ‘original’ flavor.


      2. Whether or not green apple goes with the other flavors is entirely subjective. I feel it works just fine. And none of the flavors are original. They may have the same name but the taste has been changed over the years.


  5. When you eventually get to Cadbury Eggs, make sure you try one frozen as well. The fondant center won’t actually freeze solid, but it will change density and it changes the whole experience.


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