Unwrapped Wednesday: Warheads

borderbayGrowing up I had a lot of allergies, and I mean a lot. I mean, I was allergic to everything except unsalted kale chips made by the free range organic monks that run Whole Foods. This sucked and it led to a lot of picnics eating Syrup-free Snow-cones. See also: Water flavored.

But in adulthood I have grown a lot of tolerances and my immune system is a lot stronger. But this means I am one of very few full grown adults in America who can say things like ‘I have never had Twizzlers’ or ‘Whats a Mike & Ike?’

These are things I have legitimately never seen let alone tasted. It’s not that I was locked in the basement or anything. But what do you do when you have a kid who can’t eat the things a majority of kids experience within their first five years of life? I would have avoided the candy aisle too.

So for a couple of months I will be making posts about my thoughts on trying iconic candys and foods for the first time. I get to try candy. This sounds like a blast.

And this week I will be trying: Warheads.


I’m skeptical.

gif (1)

And a little scared.

gif (2)


gif (3)


gif (4)

Why doesn’t the taste go away?

gif (5)

I survived. Kind of. Worst taste test ever, I thought this game would be fun. Who’s dumb-ass idea was this again?


4 thoughts on “Unwrapped Wednesday: Warheads

  1. Never really had Warheads myself, though that may be because I had one many years ago and didn’t like it. I vaguely recall that my avoiding of Warheads was deliberate.


  2. I don’t know where you got the inspiration to try this candy, but I did recommend it on Twenty Sided! I did preface with “good luck.” Remember next time to heed good luck statements. This candy does get sweet after a while.


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