Tekko 2017

If anyone was wondering why my twitter has been empty or why this post is so short: the answer  is Tekko 2017. If anyone is wondering why I have no pride left or why I have a blister on my nose, the answer  is Tekko 2017. Pretty much from why I’m walking like a dinosaur with a limp to why the internet is apparently about to be flooded with my image you need only know that the answer  is Tekko 2017.

I spent the last two nights at Tekko, a growing anime convention in Pittsburgh. I have gone every year for three or four years now and have gone unnoticed until this point.

But this year I am a celebrity. You ask anyone at Tekko and they know me. They don’t know what I look like, what my name is, or what I do for a living, but they know me.

Because this year, I pulled out from the back of a closet my wedding dress and created this:

You’re welcome people of Tekko, and the world.

I may do a longer post about this later but for now, you all exhaust me and I need to go to bed.



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