Good Robot?


I know what you’re all thinking. Me reviewing my own Dad’s game? All it’s going to be is a shining review followed by a link to where to buy it, right? Well don’t worry, I promise to be impartial and give it the same level of scrutiny as every other game I review, so let’s begin.

Good Robot is a adorable little 2D shooter where you’re a robot fighting through a procedurally generated little world inhabited with robots. It’s appealing, simple, and gives that old arcade feel we all know and love. I have always been a sucker for the simplicity of old arcade games and I love how Good Robot mixes that feeling with modern mechanics to lead to an incredibly kinesthetically appealing game.

In fact my only complaint is one that  makes me very sad to make because otherwise, it’s an incredible game. And when I see a game just miss the mark like this one does, it really does make me sad.


But see, there are just far too few unicorns. In fact, I might go as far as to say I didn’t even see one through my entire playthrough.

This could have been fixed easily and is just inexcusable. Even just a unicorn horn or a tail on a robot even could have diminished the overall problem but instead we get nothing but awesome, shooting robots. Without even a glimpse of a pink, sparkly, unicorn.

Hell, there isn’t even a pony.

Happy April fools to you all, I hope all pranks pulled on you are harmless and amusing.

You can buy the game on Steam here. And you should totally do that because it’s awesome and so is the man who made it. But you didn’t hear it from me.

2 thoughts on “Good Robot?

    1. Why not Good Unicorn? Or Unicorn Robot? I feel like a name being taken shouldn’t be an excuse for bad writing. You wouldn’t even have to have a different name per se. Just add a couple horned pony’s and you’re all set.


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