Unwrapped Wednesday: Twinkies

Twinkies where always one of those things I saw everywhere and figured where mostly, novelty? I never saw someone actually eating one except in media so I honestly was expecting them to be gross.

To be honest, while I enjoyed eating them okay and I did give them a thumbs up. About a half an hour later I regretted my verdict. Not because of the obligatory stomach ache from the amount of sugar I eat during recording. But because they where unmemorable and bland? I would have been much better with donuts,different toppings, fillings, and flavors. Rather then the plain vanilla sugar log that was Twinkies.

Unwrapped Wednesday: Baby Bottlepops:

This was a weird one for me. These where super popular when I was a kid. Hell, you couldn’t go somewhere with a group of kids without at least one of these showing up. But I never saw them being eaten? In fact I thought they were a toy? So imagine my surprise when they made appearance in my bucket of candy to try.

Did not like, I could have gotten a way better experience by simply getting myself a bowl of sugar and a sucker. The shape was strange and creepy, and the taste was ‘Nondescript fruit flavor of choice’.

Unwrapped Wenesday: Cowtails

Yesterday morning I sat down at my computer all ready to edit this weeks Unwrapped: Cowtails.

Only to find that somehow in all the recording and editing of other files it got misplaced. Now, I could have just recorded it again, but that would have taken away from the fresh response and made it feel scripted. So I took the only (unnecessarily work intensive) alternative. I made a comic about a video.

So I hope you enjoy what will hopefully be a one time glimpse into my comic making skills:

*Insert adorable intro with beep-boob music here*


Hey guys its Bay, and this week i’ll be trying, Cowtails!

(Yes, this is completely true to the original, and, yes, it did make a sound effect.)

These where always strange to me, I saw my younger sister eat Cowtails on more than one occasion and I never understood the appeal? Why would you eat something named after and having the appearance of something connected to a cows butt? Plus I don’t love caramel so I really don’t get why would buy these?




I would elaborate on how amazing these are but I have to go to the store a buy a whole bag, see you guys next week when I hopefully go back to video form and get my act together.


Widowmaker Wednesday

So I am going to depart this week from my normal Wednesday post.  I seem to have contracted a form of stomach bug. So I don’t have the energy to spend the upwards of three hours of editing I would usually do for Unwrapped.

So rather than provide a bad video with half assed editing I didn’t want to make and you didn’t want to see, I will be sharing the Overwatch fan-art I did this week. I have been loathed to draw since my move,  a symptom I often contract after a big change. I hate to do my work in an unfamiliar environment so it takes me awhile to get back into the swing of things.



Widowmaker is one of my favorite Overwatch characters, her complicated story aside I love the idea of a ballerina using her previous skill in dance for a current skill with fighting, whether its Black Widow applying it to martial arts or Widowmaker applying it to sniping.

However I do find it odd that both of them share a theme of the black widow spider, ballet, and brainwashing.

Unwrapped Wednesday: Pixie Sticks

Oddly enough, Pixie Sticks where never very high on my list of candies to try. I had poor memory’s of kids on the playground daring each other to snort them and being glad I had an excuse not to give into the taunting. Why would anyone put sugar voluntarily up their nose?  It sounded painful and uncomfortable and kind of stupid. I can’t even recall if any of the kids actually did it, or if everyone had chickened out and just eaten them but I never really wanted them very badly after that day.


Now of course I have an even better reason to be uninterested. Those are disgusting. A month or two ago my sister decided to eat a packet of Koolaid right from the little package, and this is what I pictured it tasted like. Then again, I don’t like strong sour flavors at the best of times.  Why would I work so hard to open up that impossible little sleeve when there is no reward?

Unwrapped Wednesday: PEZ

This week after much excitement I get to try Pez.

Pez was one of those candies that taunted my child self by being fascinating and brightly colored. My dad loved Pez back in those days and would often get fun superhero ones. However I always begged to get ones consisting of BluesClues, Hello Kitty, or any of the many other fun characters I knew and loved as a child. Never being victorious in such arguments lead to much curiosity and excitement to actually get one of my own.